In addition to face to face appointments we offer online consultations via phone or video using Telehealth

Experience our unique MNHC Acupuncture service with your experienced practitioner using Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Melbourne.

In combination with Western Herbal Medicine our TCM treatment includes traditional medical case taking from both a western and eastern perspective.  After a detailed analysis of your entire body and on basis of your current status, we design appropriate plans to restore balance with TCM in combination with medical and natural eastern and western medicines.

As integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, we determine what kind of treatment your body needs on the basis of the full body analysis and detailed case history.

Our expert Acupuncturist works on the natural flow of blood and energy (chi) using acupuncture treatments on the necessary acupuncture points to restore balance to the energy channels called meridians that correspond to every organ of the body.

At Malvern Natural Health Care we offer TCM Acupuncture with a difference using a variety of options to suit your individual needs

  • Traditional needles – As used in TCM for thousands of years
  • Laser Acupuncture – Pain free and non invasive
  • Electro Acupuncture – Used together with TCM needles for added effect
  • Acupressure – Non invasive pressure points that can be incorporated into other treatments such as remedial massage or even used at home

We follow all necessary safety protocols during our traditional Chinese medicine treatment in Melbourne. On the basis of your full body analysis, the duration and intensity of the treatment is determined after discussing your comfort level and personal response.

A unique combination of TCM and Western herbal medicine often provides the best results.

Professional practitioners decide the best treatment plan for you and regularly monitor your progress over the period of the treatment.

Our traditional Chinese medicine practitioner treats you with a great amount of comfort and care throughout the duration of your treatment. You might need more frequent treatment initially but as your condition improves the frequency is reduced.

Through our traditional Chinese medicine treatment in Melbourne, we provide you with a therapeutic treatment course that may include Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping or Gua Sha without relying on toxic chemicals or medicine with side effects.

We stock a wide variety of medicinal herbs and our treatments are customised to provide you with the best outcome. We understand that each case is different and take great care to provide the best medicinal treatment for you.

As mentioned above, the duration and intensity of the treatment will depend on your individual case. Get a detailed full body analysis to the help identify the causal factors within your body. Consult our MNHC Chinese medicine practitioner with many years of experience in TCM treatment today.



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