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Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world.

While modern Western medicine has moved increasingly towards pharmaceutical-focused treatments, herbal medicine favours natural treatments over the use of synthetic chemicals.

Herbal medicine along with homeopathic medicines has been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world. These natural treatments have long been delivering proven results without the side effects or the chemical uncertainties of pharmaceutical treatments.

At Malvern Natural Health Care, our team of qualified and experienced naturopaths and herbalists use herbal medicine as part of a holistic approach to health. Our all-natural treatments take into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the patient.

Our focus is not just treating the symptoms of your condition, but rather getting to the root cause of the problem using a range of natural therapies and treatments, including herbal medicine.

Our herbalists use the seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, and flowers from a wide range of Western and Eastern plants to create specifically targeted and all-natural remedies for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions.

When prepared by a qualified and licensed herbalist and used as directed, herbal treatments are completely safe, do not lead to adverse side effects and won’t lead to dependencies or withdrawals like pharmaceutical treatments.

Prepared on-site at our Melbourne-based naturopathic clinic, our herbal treatments include water-based preparations (e.g. infusions, syrups, lotions, creams), alcohol-based and oil-based preparations, powders, steam inhalations and more.

All ingredients are sourced from reputable and reliable suppliers, with provenance, source traceability and sustainability of utmost importance.

Herbal medicine is suitable for people of any age, including children, and any background. Each treatment is unique and personally tailored to your needs, health goals and specific medical history.


To determinethe best course of herbal treatment, you will go through an initial consultation with one of our highly qualified and experienced naturopaths.

Your naturopath will take the time to get to know you, to understand your lifestyle, medical history and health goals, and explore all factors that play a role in your health and wellness. We will work with you to fully understand the extent, severity and underlying causes of your illness, injury or condition.

At Malvern Natural Health Care, we take a truly holistic approach to health. We understand that your physical health, mental and emotional health, spiritual fulfillment, lifestyle, and social and environmental factors are all interconnected and play a role in your health and well being. This is why we take the time to build a complete picture of your general health, lifestyle, medical background and wellness goals.

Once we have done this, our herbalists will recommend and prepare your personalised herbal formulas on-site.

Herbal medicine can play an important complementary role by focusing on holistic and preventative health, bolstering the immune system and helping to keep the body systems balanced.

We prescribe herbal treatments that can be used in conjunction with medications and other conventional treatments, and we can work together with your GP and other health providers to create a comprehensive treatment plan.


As with conventional medicine, herbal treatments can help with a range of conditions and ailments. Unlike conventional medicine, however, a naturopath will use herbal medicine to not just treat the symptoms, but to help alleviate the underlying causes and promote a long-term healthy balance throughout the body.

Herbal medicine can be used as a complementary or primary treatment for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions including (but not limited to):

  • Stress
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue, energy and stamina conditions
  • Sleep disorders
  • Digestive disorders
  • Skin conditions
  • Hormonal issues
  • Immune conditions
  • Cardiovascular and circulatory problems
  • Pain management
  • Respiratory problems
  • Fertility and pregnancy
  • Joint and bone issues


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