Blood Analysis can assist in providing a more thorough case study to your Naturopathy consultation

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Live Blood Analysis Melbourne

Live Blood Analysis Melbourne is an Excellent Tool for Unlocking the Secrets Held Within Your Blood Cells

Live Blood Analysis is an excellent tool for unlocking the secrets held within your blood cells.  This test consists of taking a single drop of your blood and viewing it under a powerful microscope.  The image is displayed on a screen where it is viewed live and the results interpreted on the spot as you watch.

Live Blood Testing can assist in providing a more thorough case study to your Naturopathy consultation. Malvern Natural Health Care (MNHC) specialises in live blood analysis in Melbourne. Our principle Naturopath and clinic director Benjamin Deutscher is a highly trained and skilled specialist in this field. Our Melbourne live blood analysis centre uses a powerful darkfield microscope to carry out instant and accurate screening.

Our live blood analysis allows your Naturopath to observe potential health hazards in the areas of liver stress, inflammation, infection, immune suppression, digestive problems such as malabsorption, leaky gut, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, weight issues, sugar imbalances, yeast or fungal infections, toxicity and more.

Seeing is believing! Learning and seeing for yourself the underlying drivers of poor health and how to address them (during your Naturopath consultation) is one of the biggest advantages of our live blood analysis in Melbourne. On the basis of a detailed case history, any test results you may already have and together with your live blood analysis results, our naturopath will provide you with personalized course of action for a better health and lifestyle in the future. You may require dietary changes, specific treatment, more exercise or a less stress-intensive lifestyle or a detoxification program– and that is exactly what live blood analysis aims to identify.

MNHC was established in 1995 and offers one of the best Naturopath services in Melbourne together with a team of health professionals who are passionate about supporting you to achieve life changing results. Your Live Blood Analysis is explained in as much detail as you require.

Our director Benjamin Deutscher, one of our senior naturopathic physicians and live blood analyst, combines expertise in nutrition, herbal medicine, dietary planning and counselling. He works closely with our allied health team who offer a range of services including acupuncture, remedial massage and kinesiology who are also here to help you address the health issues that are identified during the live blood screening. Don’t waste any further time,  book a live blood analysis with your local Naturopath in Malvern East.

Your personal treatment program will be designed to address any needs such as building your natural resilience, boosting your immunity and increasing your ability to digest and absorb nutrition from foods or a detoxification program. Contact MNHC today for the best live blood analysis in Melbourne and set your health on the right path again.


Specialising in Blood Analysis Melbourne, We Provide Accurate Health Evaluations. Experience Cutting-Edge Live Blood Analysis Melbourne for Real-Time Insights.

We know that you are going through some stress or problems with your health. You might be having some health issues which you don’t want to share with anyone. It is better to get it checked by a professional doctor who can help you out with the right solution. Malvern Natural Health Care offers Live Blood Analysis Melbourne at our clinic so that you can easily find out what is wrong with your body and take necessary measures to get rid of those problems.

Live Blood Analysis Melbourne at MNHC

Live blood analysis Melbourne by MNHC helps you to lead a better lifestyle. Because of this, live blood analysis services in Melbourne are becoming more and more popular.

The main reason for the popularity of live blood analysis is that it allows people to understand their body better, which in turn helps them know what diet would be good for them and what exercise will benefit them the most.

Know More About Your Health Condition

  • The live blood analysis helps you to know more about your health condition.
  • You can determine the blood type and the blood pressure level.
  • You can find out about your cholesterol level, sugar level, blood count and vitamin/mineral intake.

Blood Analysis Melbourne

Blood Analysis has been devised as an alternative method for diagnosing conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure without having to rely on doctors alone. If you are looking for blood analysis Melbourne, MNHC has got you covered. We offer live blood analysis that can help your doctor determine the exact condition of your body.

Another benefit of using live blood analysis is that it can help determine whether medication given by a doctor or pharmacist is working properly or not by looking at changes in red blood cells and white blood cells over time.

Our Blood Analysis Melbourne Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goal with Ease

Our Blood Analysis Melbourne ensures you can achieve your fitness goal with ease. It is important to understand what’s going on in your body and where improvements need to be made. With live blood analysis at Malvern Natural Health Care, you can identify any imbalances or deficiencies before they cause major problems. This will allow us to treat them and give you the best chance of achieving optimal health outcomes.

Get the Complete Insight into Your Health Condition

Live blood analysis is an advanced diagnostic tool that helps you to know more about your health condition. The process will help you to lead a better lifestyle, manage stress, lose weight and gain energy. You can achieve your fitness goal with ease when you get the right guidance in this regard.

Our blood analysis ensures that you can achieve your fitness goal without difficulty. It is one of the most effective ways to look after your overall health and treat various diseases related to blood flow, such as anemia, arthritis, pain due to low hemoglobin count etc. We have experts who provide precise results for each patient so that they get exactly what they need from us at Malvern Natural Health Care.

We have all the required tools to improve your health. Live blood analysis is one of them. It helps you to know about your body condition and lifestyle in a better way. You can make it a part of your daily routine to stay healthy and fit at all times. So book your appointment for live blood analysis today!

FAQs Live Blood Analysis Melbourne by Malvern Natural Health Care

What is live blood analysis and how is it conducted at Malvern Natural Health Care in Melbourne?

Live blood analysis at Malvern Natural Health Care in Melbourne involves examining a small sample of your blood under a microscope. The analysis allows us to assess your blood cells’ health and identify any nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, or other health concerns.

What can be learned from a live blood analysis in Melbourne?

A live blood analysis can reveal a wealth of information about your overall health, including immune system status, levels of hydration, and the presence of certain bacteria or yeasts. It’s an insightful tool to guide personalized health strategies.

How does live blood analysis differ from standard blood tests?

Unlike standard blood tests that measure blood counts and chemical components, live blood analysis in Melbourne focuses on the quality and characteristics of your blood cells, offering a more detailed view of your body’s current health state.


Live Blood Analysis


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