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Baseline hormone profiles

Baseline Hormone Profile

The Baseline Hormone Profile is a savivory hormone test that provides a deeper insight into hormonal status than blood testing.

As hormone balance is essential for physical and emotional health it is of great benefit to know your levels and how this may be impacting on your symptoms or future wellbeing and longevity.

Some common symptoms of hormone imbalance include weight gain, hair loss, mood swings, hot flushes, insomnia, poor libido, fatigue and muscle weakness.

Salivary Hormone Testing helps your Naturopath to monitor and address any hormonal imbalances that are contributing to your health problems.
The insights provide a useful aid to a comprehensive history during a Naturopathic consultation where your health concerns are addressed. Rather than using hormonal remedies our Naturopath in Malvern East uses natural treatment of hormone imbalance via supporting the body’s own ability to create, balance and detoxify the hormones.

In many cases mineral and vitamin imbalance is a factor that needs to be corrected in order to make hormone balance possible. Minerals are used by the body as coenzymes that are required for hormone production so a healthy diet and ability to absorb nutrients is essential.

Our Malvern Natural Health Care Naturopath specialises in nutrition and food as medicine so is the perfect choice to help correct your hormones.

Our goal is to treat the underlying causes of hormone imbalances such as adrenal function, stress, toxicity and nutritional imbalance. Naturopathy is the perfect choice for supporting these functions and the ideal pathway to choose for a lasting result.

Of course testing can also be used to monitor the effects of bioidentical
hormone replacement therapy that you may already be taking.

One of the benefits of The Baseline Hormone Profile is that being a salivary test it is non-invasive and multiple hormones can be tested from a single saliva sample.

What hormones can be tested?

For Women:

  • Oestrone (E1)
  • Oestradiol (E2)
  • Oestriol (E3)
  • Progesterone (P4)
  • Testosterone (TT)
  • DHEA – S

For Men:

  • Testosterone (TT)
  • Oestradiol (E2)
  • DHEA-S
  • Cortisol


Where and how is the test done?

We can help you to do the test directly or at home with a kit that you can purchase. The test is then sent to a lab in a pre-paid satchel.

The results come directly to your Naturopath who explains this to you at your next consultation.

Your Malvern Natural Health Care Naturopath will provide you with complete report of findings and work with you to tailor a treatment plan to restore balance and address your particular symptoms.

Together with nutritional testing and regular blood tests a hormone profile can be a useful tool which your practitioner can arange for you.

Why we use Saliva Testing for hormone levels rather than blood testing alone

The main reason is that Salivary Hormone Testing is much more reflective of a patient’s hormonally-related symptoms.  Blood tests measure total or “protein-bound hormone levels” which are not as reflective of usable hormone levels and not nearly as reflective of symptoms such as Hot Flushes, Low Libido, Fatigue or Fertility.

Addiionally with saliva testing you can monitor any supplemented hormones and get an insight into how they are being  absorbed and used by the body.


We offer an extensive range of in-house medical testing to help locate the cause of illness, identify deficiencies, help with preventative planning, and monitor progress.

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