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Digestive stool analysis

Stool analysis is performed to help assess the health of the gastro-intestinal tract (stomach, small and large intestine) and how this impacts on overall health. These conditions can involve infection with parasites, viruses, or bacteria which cause impaired nutrient absorption and toxicity.

Microbiome testing measures the good and bad bacterial eco-system and their metabolites which have a huge effect on overall health.

The GUT is known as the second brain and gut health has far reaching effects on health and plays an important role in many symptoms including anxiety and depression, mood swings, sleep, skin, fatigue, brain fog to name just a few.

Your Malvern Natural Health Care Naturopath can order your Comprehensive Stool Analysis or GUT microbiome test. Your Naturopath will analyse the test and develop your treatment plan which  may include specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicines or supplements as part of wholistic treatment protocol to remove pathogens and restore balance.


We offer an extensive range of in-house medical testing to help locate the cause of illness, identify deficiencies, help with preventative planning, and monitor progress.

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