Mineral therapy is a set of scientific treatment methods that help diagnose mineral imbalances in the human body

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Minerals can’t be created by the body.

Minerals are the structural and biochemical base upon which everything else in the body is built. Minerals can’t be created by the body – they can only be obtained from food and drink. Minerals are often overlooked when it comes to nutritional supplementation and yet they are essential for thousands of biochemical processes within the body. Many health issues stem from mineral element imbalances.

These imbalances occur for a variety of reasons that affect us all.

• Daily losses as a result of normal metabolism
• Mental and physical stress
• Poor or restrictive dietary practices
• Deficient soils and modern agricultural practices
• Food processing, transport and storage
• Pharmaceutical medications

Mineral imbalances do not usually occur overnight. What emerges first, are vague symptoms that are usually ignored or interpreted as insignificant. Rebalance your minerals and get back on track to wellbeing.

Mineral therapy is a set of scientific treatment methods that help diagnose mineral imbalances in the human body and replenish deficient ones to achieve a healthy mineral balance. The right balance of essential minerals is often interrupted due to daily stress, not eating balanced diets, consumption of unhealthy packaged foods, drinking, smoking, poor absorption and metabolism issues. We might be suffering from a deficiency of certain crucial minerals without even being aware of it.

Health experts check the levels of vital minerals in a person’s body to determine if there are any deficiencies and recommend the right dosages of lacking minerals. Without the proper amount of minerals in your body, your overall health and quality of life can be reduced significantly. Many people undergo mineral therapy for health issues such as fatigue, low energy levels, brittle bones, migraines, sleeplessness, unwanted stress, depression and inflammation. If you are experiencing general weakness, feeling tired throughout the day or experiencing a poor quality of life, you might want to get your mineral levels checked by health & nutrition experts.



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