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Iridology (Iris analysis) is offered free with our Naturopathic service and offers a unique insight into your health. If is part of your comprehensive health analysis by our Naturopaths

In addition to face to face appointments we are offer online consultations via phone or video using Telehealth

Iridology can help to determine your body’s genetic strengths and weaknesses

Iridology is an exceptional tool where our MNHC Naturopath examines the colour, structure and specific signs with your Iris (The coloured part of the eye) as well as scerology (examination of the whites of your eyes). This information helps to understand your inherited health disposition, current health issues and what health problems to work on preventing. This greatly contributes to your Naturopathic Comprehensive Health Analysis. MNHC specializes in iridology consultation. We take the time to explain the results during 30 to 60 minute consultations in way that motivates positive change.

Iridology is used to help determine your body’s genetic strengths and weaknesses as well as providing an insight into your organs and major bodily systems. Iridology at Malvern Natural Health Care is performed using specialized hand-held magnification with illumination or an iridology camera. The best iridology consultants in Melbourne use iridology as part of a holistic assessment rather than in isolation. That is why we always perform Iridology in combination with other assessment tools such as fingernail and tongue diagnosis, thorough case taking and medical history. Ideally a complete health assessment will also include a Live Blood Analysis and nutritional testing.

We always encourage patients to bring along any medical information such as blood test results if they have them so that we can determine a more complete understanding. This provides more context for the Iridologist. There are many interconnected factors that contribute to health and disease and it is important view Iridology in this light. It is one factor among others that although very useful should not be viewed in isolation.

At MNHC our Naturopaths are passionate about helping our clients to live happier and healthier lives with greater energy to contribute to their family and community. Iridology enables us to see information about your personal genetic requirements more clearly. It shows the inherent strength of the organs is in your body as well as how well your body can handle toxins and stress.

The whole body is reflected within the Iris so it can be a very enlightening to get an Iridology reading and for some people it is quite an emotional experience. As they say the eyes are the window to the soul!

As mentioned our iridology specialists also use a range of assessment tools to form a more complete understanding or your health status and personal needs. Our iridology consultants in Melbourne have years of experience and training and are ready to help you with any health issues.

MNHC has been providing Iridology for over 25 years so if you are looking for high-quality iridology in Melbourne why not make an appointment. (Book for an Initial Naturopathic Consultation and specifically ask for Iridology)  In fact we have provided iridology consultations to corporate customers such as Hewlett Packard and many other small to medium sized business as part of a comprehensive health check. We were selected due to our experience and long standing reputation.

Discover the root cause of your illnesses through iridology and receive expert advice from our Naturopath to treat your condition. Anyone can benefit from Iridology including children, adults or the elderly.

You don’t need to be sick to benefit from Iridology

Iridology can be used to help promote wellness, longevity and to prevent disease. It provides valuable insight into the areas that require focus for any specific treatment that we offer.

Receive your iridology consultation in Melbourne by making an appointment with one of our Naturopathic specialists, in particular Benjamin Deutscher or Andrea Pryor.

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