Naturopathic Support During Times of Stress: Flower Essences

Continuing on with our theme of Naturopathic support for stress, we come to flower essences!

At Malvern Natural Health Care, our Naturopaths and Kinesiologists are always seeking to treat the WHOLE person; in order to be truly holistic in our approach. Flower essences are a beautifully gentle tool that we can use to ensure our clients emotional and spiritual wellbeing is supported, alongside their physical.

Flower Essences work on an energetic and emotional level. Allowing negative thoughts, perceptions and beliefs, which are not serving you, to be let go of. Creating space to nourish positivity, happiness and peace in our energetic and emotional field.

Although they do not change our life situations to be less stressful, the remedies arm us with positive attitudes and perceptions, which make adapting to the challenges life presents, a little easier. 

Kinesiology and Flower Essences

Kinesiology and flower essences are intrinsic in nature, both working together to defuse stressors and blockages within the body, mind and soul. Therefore, allowing our natural healing processes to occur, and optimal health and personal potential to be attained.

Our Kinesiologist has the ability to determine the specific action your body is seeking from a particular flower essence, and create individualized blends suited to you and your current needs. 

Flower Essences to support during times of stress

To further your understanding of how flower essences can work and support you during times of stress, we will look at a few of the Bach Flower Essences that bring ease, restoration and light, during times of stress and upheaval.

Elm – Overwhelm

When life’s responsibilities have left you feeling overwhelmed and less than capable, Elm alleviates life’s pressures and stressors. Bringing quiet confidence, perspective and efficiency to all who need it. 

Olive – Restoration

For times when all reserves of inner strength feel depleted, Olive encourages and gives you permission to take the time you need, to revitalize and restore your mental energy and rekindle your inner fire. 

Oak – Endurance

For those that push on, well past their limits. Oak encourages sustainable endurance. Allowing you to stay strong and persevere, whilst understanding and accepting your limits.

Hornbeam – mental exhaustion

For those that have reached the point of dismal mental capacity for everyday tasks. Hornbeam remedies the ‘Monday morning feeling’ or the 9-5 emotional burnout. Hornbeam brings self-assurance and motivation, to cope with demanding days and the obstacles of the weekly schedule, with optimism and certainty. 

White chestnut – running thoughts

For those with a racing-thoughts that occupy the mind against your will. Circling round and round causing such mental anguish you may feel incapacitated.

White chestnut lets all those thoughts float away, bringing forth tranquility and peace of mind. Allowing you to reclaim your day, and strive through the crazy world around you, without being consumed by it. 

Mustard – Gloom to Bloom

For times when dark clouds descend on your clear blue skies, bringing feelings of heaviness, gloom and depression, often for no apparent reason. Mustard parts these clouds and shines through, like the spring sun after a long winter. Mustard lifts and enlightens, bringing joy, contentment and peace back into our daily lives.

This is just a glimpse of the many flower essence allies we have. There are 38 in the Bach flower essence range and many more in the Australian Bush flower essence range.

If you feel the support of the flower essences could be beneficial to you, book a consult with our Kinesiologist Melbourne, to find the perfect blend for you.

Our Holistic Health clinic, where we have a Naturopath & Kinesiologist, is located in Malvern east, Melbourne and is easily accessible from Toorak, Mount Waverly and Glen Iris, if you are in need of a local Naturopath or Kinesiologist in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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